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What Am I Working on Next?
Below Are My List Of Babies I Will Put Up for Adoption in 2019 - 2020
*** You May Reserve Any Available Doll From the List Below By Paying A $500 Flat Rate Reservation Fee***
Click The Reservation Button Below To Get Started!
Please Note:  These Are Not Custom Order Dolls, As Each Baby will be painted in my own artistic vision.

Adrie Stoete Kits

~ Ollie By Adrie Stoete

AK Kitagawa Kits

~ Gannett By AK Kitagawa

Alicia Toner Kits

~ River By Alicia Toner

Andrea Arcello Kits

~ Phoenix By Andrea Arcello 

~ Layla By Andrea Arcello


Bonnie Brown Kits

~ Chase By Bonnie Brown  

~ Saskia By Bonnie Brown

~ Twin A By Bonnie Brown 

~ Twin A By Bonnie Brown 

Bonnie Siebien Kits

~ Lola By Bonnie Sieben

~ Shaya By Bonnie Siebien 

Cassie Brace Kits

~ Margot By Cassie Brace 

~ Nova By Cassie Brace

~ Romilly By Cassie Brace

Elisa Marx Kits

~Fiona By Elisa Marx

Gudrun Legler Kits

~ Aleyna By Gudrun Legler

~ Sanya By Gudrun Legler

~ Tayra By Gudrun Legler

Iveta Eckertova Kits

~ Gabby By  Iveta Eckertova

Laura Lee Eagles Kits

~ Alfie By Laura Lee Eagles

~ Atticus By Laura Lee Eagles (Sold Out  Limited Addition kit)

~ Azalea By Laura Lee Eagles 

~ Gertie By Laura Lee Eagles 

~Little Woodland Elf By Laura Lee Eagles

~ Tobiah by Laura Lee Eagles 

Laura Tuzio Ross Kits

~Anthony By Laura Tuzio Ross 

~ Jaylan By Laura Tuzio Ross 

Lillian Breedveld Kits

~ Hadley By Lillian Breedveld

Melody Hess Kits

~ Ephram By Melody Hess

~ Harley By Melody Hess (Sold Out  Limited Addition kit)

Natali Blick Kits

~ Flo By Natali Blick Mini Elf

~Sherry By Natali Blick (Sold Out Limited Addition kit!) 

Nikki Johnston Kits

~ Robin Asleep By Nikki Johnston

Olga Auer Kits

~ Maylin By Olga Auer

Ping Lau Ross Kits

~ Cammi  (Toddler) By Ping Lau (Twin)

~ Julieta (Toddler) By Ping Lau (Twin)

~Raven By Ping Lau 

Priscilla Lopes Kits

~ Li By Priscilla Lopes

Regina Swialkowski Kits

~ Gabriella  (Toddler) By Regina Swialkowski 

Samantha Gregory Kits

~ Bellami By Samantha Gregory

Singrid Bock Kits

~ Lotta By Singrid Bock

Realborn Kits

~ Realborn Aria Asleep

~ Realborn Aria Awake

~ Realborn Joseph 3 months Asleep

~Realborn Skya Asleep

~ Realborn June 7 months sleeping

~Realborn June 7 months awake

~ Realborn Patience



Send me an email or leave a comment in the box below with a suggestion for a kit and I will consider adding it to my up-coming dolls to paint.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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