Terms & Conditions

  • Returns and Exchanges are not accepted for any reason!!! I do not refund or exchange doll due buyers remorse. If you purchase a doll from me, the doll is yours to resell should you not feel that you are satisfied with my painting style or that you don't have a deep connection with the doll. I encourage you to ask questions up-front before making a purchase and if you need additional detailed pictures please ask for them before paying for the doll. Once you pay for the doll, I will not refund you even if you quickly have a change of heart.

  • Returns - If in any rare case, I find it acceptable to offer a refund on any of my dolls, please know that you will be only be partially refunded. This means that you will receive your payment for the cost of the doll plus any tax you may have paid only! I will always deduct a 15% restocking fee, as well as any Paypal and Shipping Fees that occured during each transaction. Be aware that these fees will not be refunded under any circumstances. (These types of refunds will only be offered on a case by case emergency basis where I, as the artist am somehow at fault. I will not be held responsible for your family emergencies, shipping issues as this is covered by insurance, or buyers remorse because you fell in love with another doll that you wish to adopt). Please keep in mind that If a customer request a refund and it is granted by me, I will make Paypal aware of the reason for offering a partial refund only. Paypal is fully aware of my no refund policy for my business. 

  • Shipping - Your Doll will always ship with full coverage insurance via USPS, FedEx or DHL. If your doll arrives to you damaged you must take up a claim with the parcel carrier to reimburse you for the damages and not with me the artist of Fleur Bébés Nursery. 

  • All Reborn Dolls are sold on a first come first serve basis unless reserved for a custom order. I do not hold dolls!

  • Custom Doll Slots - When customs slots become available, they are reserved as first come first serve and always require a $500.00 minimum deposit down. Refunds are not given for any reason to please do not reserve a doll unless you are a serious buyer. Your deposit will be deducted from the overall total cost of the doll, including sales taxes (if applicable in your state or country) and shipping cost. *Additional Customs fees  or duties may apply for international customers.

  • Custom Orders will receive a Paypal Invoice for the remaining balance due minus the $500.00 deposit. All customers must provide me with an up to date Mailing and shipping address in order to receive the final Invoice. The Invoice will be an open invoice, which means you can make payments as often as you would like until the invoice is payed in full. However, no additional payment is required until I have notified you that your doll is complete. If you decide to pay your invoice earlier than the discussed delivery date, this does not mean that I will put a rush on your baby. The scheduled delivery date will remain the same. 

  • Change Request may be put in for any custom doll order as long as I have not already placed an order for the doll kit or started painting  your doll kit. I will notify you if I need to place an order for you kit request, at which time you will be locked into that particular doll and no further changes can be made.

  • Paypal - All Customers must have an active Paypal account in order to purchase or reserve a doll. I only accept Paypal Payments. Paypal does allow you to use credit card or bank payments as a method of payment. You must enter your payment information within the paypal system to complete any transaction with Fleur Bébés Nursery. 

  • Payment Plans - Customers who are on a payment plan with me are required to make timely bi-weekly payments until the balance is due. 

  • Final Payments - Customers who have a custom order with me should always plan ahead and be prepared to pay your balance in full within 2 business days of receiving notification that you baby is complete. Customers who do not close out the final invoice within 2 business days and have not discussed alternative payment arrangements with me will risk the doll being listed for sale to the public on day 5 of a missed payment.

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