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Policy, Terms & Conditions

  • Deposits & Payment Installments - 30% Deposit is required for every Custom Doll Order. All Deposits and any payments made thereafter are Non-Refundable. No Additional payments are ever required for Custom order dolls until completed. I urge you to not make additional payments on custom order dolls unless you are 100% certain you will complete the sale. Additional Payments will automatically be included in the deposit category and will not be refundable unless a transfer of sale is completed.  Deposits are not refundable. Weekly payments are not refundable unless a transfer of sale to another buyer is initiated and completed. There are no acceptions to loss of deposit payments as I run a small business and expect my customers to complete all initiated transactions. 

  • Order Cancellation Request - After an order has been placed cancellations will not be honored! Please do not place and order and pay for it via my website or PayPal as fees will be assessed that can not be reversed. Therefore ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  I do not process refunds and you will loose your money!

  • Returns and Exchanges - are not accepted for any reason!!! I do I do not refund or exchange dolls due buyers remorse. I will not cancel an order due to a sudden change of heart. If you purchase a doll from me, the doll is yours to resell should you not feel that you are satisfied with my painting style or that you don't have a deep connection with the doll. I encourage you to ask questions up-front before making a purchase and if you need additional detailed pictures please ask for them before paying for the doll. Once you pay for the doll, I will not process a refund. If you have a change of heart you will need to resell your doll in the doll community.

  • Emergency Returns - If in any rare case, I find it acceptable to take an Emergency return and offer a refund on any of my dolls, please know that you will only be partially refunded. This means that you will receive your payment for the cost of the doll and any tax you may have paid!  You will not be refunded any shipping fees nor any Paypal fees or additional fees that incurred from Credit Card or AFFIRM payment processing. You will be responsible for the Return Shipping Cost and the Doll Must Be Fully Insured on the Return Shipping or I will not accept the package. Additionally, I will always deduct a 15% restocking fee, for each transaction. Be aware that these fees will not be refunded under any circumstances. (These types of refunds will only be offered on a case by case emergency basis  or where I, as the artist am somehow at fault. If I am at fault for any reason, I will not deduct the 15% restocking fee. I will not be held responsible for your family emergencies, shipping issues as this is covered by the carriers insurance, or buyers remorse because you fell in love with another doll that you wish to adopt). Please keep in mind that If a customer request a refund and it is granted by me, I will make PayPal or AFFIRM or your Credit Card Co aware of the reason for offering a partial refund only. These 3rd party companies are fully aware of my no refund policy for my business. 

  • Shipping, Tracking & Insurance - Your Doll will always ship with full coverage of insurance for the value paid via, FedEx or USPS. A signature will always be required. You are responsible for tracking your own package. If your doll arrives to you damaged  or your package is lost or stolen you must take up a claim with the parcel carrier to reimburse you for the cost paid and not with me the artist of Fleur Bébés Nursery. I do not track down packages and I do not initiate claims. The customer must take action to file a claim!

NOTE: As of March 30th, 2021.... my dolls will no longer be shipped in my custom flower logo shipping boxes unless an upgraded "Luxury" or "Ultimate" box opening is purchased from the adoption menu along with a New Reborn doll.These black flower boxes that you are use to seeing in many box opening videos via YouTube and Instagram are now being reserved for customers who upgrade their box opening packages at the time of adoption. The boxes will not be sold separately. All non-upgraded doll adoptions will receive the dolls in my standard brown or white shipping box. As always, all babies will still ship fully insured and with a signature required upon receipt. Thank You For Your Understanding,

  • Doll Holds: All dolls are sold on a first come first serve basis unless reserved for a custom order or for those customers who have paid a deposit to be on my VIP waitlist. I do not hold dolls for any reason!

  • VIP Reserve Waitlist - I keep an active waitlist of no more than 6 customers at a time. Customers who pay a $500 Non-refundable deposit are considered my VIP customers and will always have first pick to adopt any doll that I create and post for Adoption before I make the doll available to the public for adoption. Customers are on the waitlist in the oder that their payment was received. For example: If a doll becomes available customer #1 has first pick. If customer #1 passes on the doll then immediately customer #2 has the option to buy and so on and so on. However, if customer  #1 chooses to adopt the baby they will complete the sale and the $500 deposit paid will count towards the final bill due. The customer will then be removed from the VIP List and Customer #2 will now be moved up into the #1 slot. Each customer has 1 Full Year from the date they joined the Waitlist to make a doll purchase before their deposit is lost. Once a customer Falls off the VIP list, because they made a purchase, they must wait until I re-open the VIP waitlist again and pay another $500 Non-refundable depost to re-join the waitlist. I only open the VIP waitist for new customers once all 6 previous customers have made an adoption/purchase.

  • Lay-a-way/Installment Plans: Lay-a-way via Paypal is no longer offered. Payment plans via Affirm can be requested at checkout. (See Payment Plans Tab for more information)

  • Custom Doll Orders - When customs slots become available, I will make an announcement on my website and my social media pages.  Slots are reserved as first come first serve and always require a 30% minimum Non-Refundable deposit down. Refunds are not given for any reason so please do not reserve a doll unless you are a serious buyer. Your deposit will be deducted from the overall total cost of the doll, including sales tax (if applicable in your state or country) and shipping cost. Additional Customs fees or duties may apply for international customers. Deposits are non-refundable! Additional Payments are not refundable! If you do not pay your final invoice you will loose your entire deposit plus any additional amount paid, no acceptions! Please do not make additional payments outside of your Deposit on a custom order if you are not certain that you will be able to pay the order in full once completed. You may however transfer the sell of your doll to another customer to be reimbursed your deposit and or additional payments made. (See Transfer of Sale Terms below)

I receive a lot of request for custom orders via Facebook and Instagram. These request will no longer be accepted due to issues with customers not reading my terms and conditions on my website. All custom request must be submitted through my website and a Non-refundable deposit must be paid through my website. You must aknowledge that you have read and understand the terms and conditions. After the inital deposit is paid, You will receive a Paypal Invoice for the remaining balance due minus the 30% Non-Refundable deposit. All customers must provide me with an up to date Mailing and shipping address in order to receive the final Invoice. The Invoice will be an open invoice, which means you can make payments as often as you would like until the balance due is payed in full. However, no additional payment is required until I have notified you that your doll is complete. Again, Please do not make additional payments on a custom order if you are not sure if you will complete the sale. You will  loose your deposit and all additional payments made will be lost unless you transfer the sale. If you decide to pay your invoice earlier than the discussed estimated delivery date, please be aware that this does not mean that I will put a rush on your baby.  

  • Transfer of Sale - In the rare occasion that a customer is not able to complete a custom order or a lay-a-way, they may transfer the sale of the Custom Order or Lay-a-way to another customer (friend or family) to be reimbursed by the New Customer for any deposit and or  installment payments made that would have otherwise been lost, as all payments are Non-Refundable! In order to transfer the sale, the Previous customer must notify me in writing by email and must Copy the New Customer who will take over the Custom Order or Lay-a-way on this email transfer request. All request to transfer need to be submitted to: and must include the following information:

                             (COPY & PASTE Requested Info Into Email)

  1. Your Full Name (First and Last) & Shipping Address

  2. Your Email Address

  3. Your Paypal Address (Only if payed previously via Paypal)

  4. Date Initial Payment Plan Started

  5. Name of Kit/Doll on Custom order or lay-a-way

  6. List the Deposit Amount Paid

  7. List Any Additional payments made to date (Do not include the Deposit)

  8. Full Name (First and Last) of the New Customer who will take over the sale

  9. Full Shipping Address of the New Customer

  10. Email address of the New Customer 


The New Customer will need to acknowledge in the email response that they have received the contract terms from the previous customer and they have logged into my website to view my Terms, Conditions & Refund Policies. The New Customer must acknowledge that they wish to take over the Custom Order or Lay-a-way from the previous customer. Once the request and acknowledgement has been received and approved by me, I will email both customers with a request for Proof of Payment made from the New Customer to the Previous Customer. The New Customer will need to submit a full payment to the Previous customer for any Deposit Paid as well as any additional payments that were made. Once the Proof has been received, only then will I transfer the active contract/invoice or sale to the New Customers Name. The new customer should expect that the transfer of sale will include updates to the sales tax amount due if they reside in a different state than the previous customer. International Transfers (Outside of the United States) can also expect the Shipping fees to be updated according to the location of the New Customers address. 

      Note: It is acceptable for the Previous Customer to post on Social Media that they are looking for someone who is willing to take over the Custom Order or Lay-a-way and to post any pictures published on my website or social media pages or any progress      pictures that I may have submitted (if any). In some cases If a custom order has not yet    been started or is in the early stages, it is acceptable for the new customer to request some minor changes to the doll. 

  • Scheduled Delivery Date - The scheduled delivery date on a Custom Order or an order with Box Opening Upgrades is an approxtimate date only. Scheduled delivery dates are only an estimated timeframe for when I aim to complete the work. Sometimes the schedule will need to be extended on my end due to my workload or simply a lack of artistic inspiration. I am an Artist and creativity does not always follow an exact deadline or schedule. Also please remember that I am also a human and life events will occur. I will communicate to you when these instances happen. This does not mean the balance due on the invoive should not be paid at completion of the work because I took longer to fill the order. If anything, this now means that you will have a few additional days or weeks to save your money up to complete the transaction. So please do not try to take advantage. All invoices still need to be paid and closed out once the work has been completed and you have been notified by me. Unless other agreements have been discussed. No acceptions!!!

  • Change Request may be put in for any custom doll order as long as I have not already placed an order for the doll kit or started painting your doll kit. I will notify you if I need to place an order for your kit request, at which time you will be locked into that particular doll and no further changes can be made.

  • Paypal - All Customers must have an active PayPal account in order to purchase or Custom Order a doll. Even if you are paying your Deposit using AFFIRM, you must have Paypal to receive my Contract/Invoice for the balance due. The only acception to not having paypal is if you are paying for your doll in full using AFFIRM. Otherwise, if not using AFFIRM, I only accept Paypal Payments! Paypal does allow you to use credit cards or bank payments as a method of payment. You must enter your payment information within the paypal system to complete any transaction with Fleur Bébés Nursery. 

  • Final Payments - Customers who have a custom order with me should always plan ahead and be prepared to pay your balance in full within 24 hours but no later than 48 hours (2 days) of receiving notification that your babydoll is complete. Customers who do not close out the final invoice within 2 business days and have not discussed alternative payment arrangements with me, will automatically loose thier deposit and the doll will be listed for sale to the public on day 3 of a missed payment. I will not give out additional notifications after the 1st notification has been given to the customer. I will not chase down any customers for payments. Please do not write to me or post slander against my business if you choose not to pay your balance due at completion and you loose your deposit. Legal action will be taken against slander. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding of this. 

  • Imperfect Dolls - Occasionally I have a doll that I am simply not 100% satisfied with. Maybe the skintone is a little blotchy or the vinyl bubbled in a small area or the hair didn't turn out as planned. It could be a number of reasons why I would feel unsatisfied with my work. Usually these dolls are still beautiful in their own way and unless I pointed out the issue you would never know it. I sell these Imperfect dolls "AS-IS" and for a fraction of the price. This means you agree to buy a flawed doll at a lower cost and in the event that you ever choose to resell the doll I simply ask you agree to be honest and to not mark the doll up in price to another buyer. I ask that you agree to disclose the imperfections as I have indicated them to you. I do not wish to tarnish my business with non-disclosed issues on a doll being resold. Please Only Purchase a Imperfect doll from me if you agree to these terms. Thank You!

  • International Accomodations - Effective April 30th, 2021 I will no longer ship to Germany. Also, To all of my International buyers, please make yourself aware of your countries custom fees and policies before placing an order. I will not lower the price of a doll on your receipt to accommodate or avoid these custom fees charged by your country. I will not accept returned packages because your customs fees were unexpectedly too high. Please do not ask me to make exceptions to this rule. Thank You For Your Understanding! 


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