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Prototype Everlee

Everlee  is a 20" inch doll with bent legs... around 21 inches if her legs were stretched (Her legs do not stretch)

She has full limbs A biracial tan cloth body

She was painted in a medium to light brown biracial skintones with newborn pink understones and blushing on her fingers and her feet.

She has a painted hairline and lots of newborn lanugo hair covering her forehead to give the illusion a just born baby. 

She has dark black/brown mono rooted hair by silk effects. The hair was directionally rooted exactly 1-2 strand per folicle which means that his hair is very fragile and will need proper care to maintain the integrity of the hair strands and hair style. However, with proper care, the baby's hair should fall right back into place with a gentle brushing. The hair was double sealed on the inside of baby's head for longevity.

Baby has closed eyes...

she has a very newborn look to her eyes so I decided root her with short barely there eyelashes 

She has milk bumps and baby acne on her face and legs

She has a red mark on the bottom of her foot to represent her rubella shot from the hospital


The baby was painted with Genesis heat set paints and sealed with Genesis Matte Varnish She weighs approximately 6lbs. 10 oz. and she has  weighted head that will wobble unless supported like a real newborn baby.

Baby's insides were constructed with crushed fine glass beads and very soft baby fluff cotton in his inner workings. She has bood red newborn realistic nails on her hands and feet.


* Please be aware any belly plate that may be shown in photos is not included in this adoption and used for demonstrating realism only!*

* This doll, nor any doll in my nursery is recommended for children.


Wardrobe: Everlee will arrive home with any outfit that I show her wearing in my social media post.

She will also have 2 additional outfits or Sleep-n-play one piece suits of my choice

A pair of Socks

2 Onesies

2 Diapers

A magnetic Pacifier (please take caution with magnets in the baby's head as these magnets can be harmful around electronics and pacemakers). If you wish to receive your baby with no magnet please contact me for removal prior to shipment.

A pacifier clip

A Lovey and A Baby Blanket

She wiill also have a Birth Certificate from my nursery and the COA/Certificiate from Bountiful Baby. Care Instructions will be included


***Please Be Aware That Taxes and Shipping Fees Are Always Added To The Total Cost Of The Sale In your cart at Checkout. ***


***Also Please Note, that my black custom flower boxes are now reserved for box opening upgrades only! Your baby will ship in a standard plain brown shipping box unless an upgraded box opening is purchased from the adoption menu at the time of your original adoption.


*** Please Read Through The Terms and Conditions Carefully (found in the menu bar) before purchasing any of my dolls. Returns are not accepted! Refunds are not processed for any reason and all sales are final!

Customers are responsible for tracking their own boxes once a tracking number has been provided.


Thank you for Looking!

Prototype Everlee By Doris Moyers Hornbogen

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