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"The details are not the details.
They make the design"

- Charles Eames - 

Welcome To My Story.....

As you may have figured out by now, I am Lena Smith, the sole artist behind Fleur Bébé's Nursery. I have many talents from Interior designer, Cosmetologist,  Technical Sr. Project Manager, dedicated mother, wife, and the list goes on. Most recently,  my passion is creating these beautiful collectable art dolls. I started reboring in 2016 when I found myself becoming an empty nester when my now 25 year old son (only child), left college and joined the United States Navy. I always thought that I would someday have more children but then my 40's snuck up on me... (lol). So here I am, making sweet little babies that never grow up! (huge grin)

Reborning is not just filling a void or passing time doing a hobby. For me, it is what I am passionate about and I try to reflect my passion through my work. Each and every doll that I create I put countless hours into. I am a perfectionist by nature and I want all of my adoptive reborn parents to feel the love that I put into each doll every time they hold one that I've created.  

I hope that I get to know each and every one of you on a more personal level and that I can work with you individually to create your dream baby in the near future. My ultimate goal is to keep you coming back and wanting to continue to adopt my babies. 

I am committed to learning each day about the art of reborning. I do hope that you continue to follow and support me on this journey as I create more and more of these beautiful art dolls. I welcome your feedback and appreciate your testimonials along the way.

Peace, Love & Stayed Inspired ....

Thank you!

    ~ Lena S.~

Reborn Artist Lena Smith, Three Time Award Winner Rose Doll Expo 2019!

•1st Place Ethnic Reborn

• People’s Choice Reborn Ethnic

• People’s Choice Most Realistic Reborn 

I am so honored and deeply humbled by last nights events at the Rose Doll Show Banquet. Thank you to bountiful baby for awarding me with the following awards for my baby Yael by @gudrunlegler • 1st Place Ethnic Reborn • People’s Choice Reborn Ethnic
• People’s Choice Most Realistic Reborn 
I was seriously not expecting this and was so blown away that I actually shed tears. Thank you to everyone for all of the congratulations and love & support of my work. I am encouraged and definitely motivated. I am so fortunate to be apart of this wonderful Reborn community

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