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This Is A PRIVATE Auction! 

Offers For this baby will begin Monday July 6th at 8AM  Eastern Time and will end on Thursday July 9th at 8 AM Eastern Time promptly! Any offers submitted after 8AM Eastern Time on July 9th will not be accepted!


The AUCTION HAS ENDED with the highest bid of $3,100.00 US Dollars. 


Please Note:  If Needed, Payment plans are accepted for any winning bid above $1500 US Dollars with a 30% deposit due immediately at the end of the auction. Winning bids lower than $1500.00 US dollars will be expected to remit full payment promptly at the end of the auction. If  Layaway is needed, the balance after the 30% initial deposit is paid will be broken down into equal Bi-weekly payments for a maximum of 90 days. Your first payment will be due in 2 weeks from the start date of the layaway/payment plan. (See more details about my Payment Plan Terms on the Payment Plans tab in the menu bar above.)

You may pay your baby doll off early if you wish. The doll will be prepared for shipping once paid in full. 


 If you are the highest bidder, I will send you a notification immediately after the auction has ended letting you know that you have won the auction, at which time, the plan for payment will be decided. (Payment in full or Layaway)

The winner of this auction will have 4 hours to remit Full payment or the 30% Deposit or they will automatically lose the baby. The next highest bidder will be given a second chance to win the baby if no payment was received from the initial winner within this timeframe.


(United States Customers) - Please be aware that United States Sales Tax (based on your location/State) and Shipping cost will also be applied to the final sale price***

(International Customers) - I will ship Internationally but all customers are responsible for any additional custom fees or additional fees charged by your country. I do not ship friends and family and I will not lower the value of the baby for any reason. All babies are shipped fully insured and at the full value paid.

All babies won in auction will ship out within 5-7 Business days of receipt of full payment cleared through Paypal.


Rules of This Auction:

You may bid as often as you'd like until the end of the auction on 7/9/20 at 8AM EST


Serious & Honest Bidders Only!!! If you ask to retract your bid, you will be blocked from future bidding and any future purchases from my nursery.

No Bids Will Be Accepted by Children Under The Age Of 18 years! (If I suspect foul play, I will ask for immediate Identification to be emailed to me. If ID is not provided, your bid will be canceled and you will be blocked on this website and Social Media.)

You Must Have A Verifiable Social Media Account (Facebook or Instagram Only!) - Fake accounts with little to no followers will be blocked!!!!  & Again, Children will be blocked. 

You Must Have A Verifiable Paypal Account! 

You Must Have a Valid Email Address!



- You will receive a reply email after each Bid you submit letting you know if you are winning or losing the auction with a screenshot of the highest bid. (No Names will be revealed of other bidders as this is a Private Auction!). If you are the highest bidder,  no screenshot will be provided since your bid is the current winning bid. I am manually checking and responding to the bids via email so please be patient and allow me a little time to respond. I will be checking often and responding as quickly as possible. 

- You must be prepared to Pay In Full or Pay your 30% Deposit if Layaway is needed at the end of the Auction. Prompt payment is expected. If Payment is not received within 4 hours of the auctions ending the doll will be relisted.  

- On your bid submission, you must enter your Bid amount in US Dollars ($) only. Along with your Full First and Last name, Paypal ID/email address, Full personal email address,  & A Verifiable Social Media Account Name  (you will need to accept me as a follower for verification purposes if your account is private and reply to my message that I will send you through Direct Message on FB or IG).

- You must reply to the winning email notification within 4  hours once you have been notified that you have "WON" the auction or, your bid will be null & void and the next person with the highest bid will win the auction. So please set a reminder to check your email by July 9th at 8AM Eastern Time. 



Current Highest Bid Amount:


Lastly, you may come back to this page to see what the current High Bid amount is. I will update the information on the current Bid several times a day when possible. However I will always update at these hours listed below:


8:00 AM EST Daily

8:00 PM EST Daily

You Will Find the Current Bid Amount Next To Baby Sam's Picture! You Must Bid Higher Than the Current High Bid to Win!!!

~ Good Luck! ~



Auction Entry for Baby Sam By Gudrun Legler

Thursday July 9th, 2020 As of 8:00 AM EST

The Current Highest Bid is $3,100.00 US Dollars...


This Auction Has Ended and No More bids are accepted.



Do you consent that you are 18+ years of age, and are able and willing to make an immediate payment via paypal at the end of the auction?

Thank You For Placing Your Bid, Good Luck

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