STOP!!!! PLEAE DO NOT ADD THIS ITEM TO YOUR CART WITHOUT THE PURCHASE OF A NEWBORN SIZE DOLL OR LARGER, THIS ITEM IS NOT SOLD SEPERATELY WITHOUT THE PURCHASE OF A PRE-MADE DOLL FROM THE ADOPTION MENU. THIS IS AN UPGRADE ADD-ON OPTION ONLY!       (Please Note: This Item is not available for Cuddle Babies, or mini-babies "15 inches" or less)​​​​​​​                   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Ultimate Baby Shower Box Opening is an explosion of baby clothing outfits (10+) and additional surprise goodies.... it's like a baby shower-in-a-box! This is the largest Box Opening available at my nursery! You will receive:6 adorable outfits, including some accessories like headbands and or baby bibs where appropriate.1 special Custom Monogram outfit, (*A Name must be selected for any monogram items or the name used will be the original name of the baby's kit)2 sleepers or sleep and play outfits 2 onesies.Socks or bootiesYou will get 1 pacifier (Magnetic or Modified)a pacifier clipa plush toy or luvy,a Plush Baby blanket,(For babies with Rooted hair) you will get a Custom comb and brush set in a beautiful monogramed box,a Beautiful custom baby Photo-book pre-loaded with photos of the baby from his/her photoshoot, a Birth certificate,a Baby passport and color passort case, Care Instructions and Certificates of Authenticity (COA)An small edible gift for Mom or Dad Be sure to click on my "Testimonals Page" to watch some of the You-Tube videos (by clicking the picture of a baby) to learn more about what you get for your money. It's beyond amazing!!! Please Read!!!!.........***Note - This ADD-ON option is only available with the purchase of a Brand New Reborn Baby From My Nursery.*** I Do Not Sell Box Openings without the purchase of an already made baby doll from my adoption menu. Upgraded Boxes Must Be Purchased During the time of the Doll purchase transaction. Box Opening upgrades cannot be purchased at a later date!

The "Ultimate" Baby Shower Box Opening! Including Photo Book