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                                 ------------------------------Babies Details---------------------------

More Information Coming Soon!
•Weight: lbs.oz.  
•Length: Aprox 18.5" with sligtly Bent legs

•Head- 13" circumfrance

•Full Arms

•Full Legs
•Cloth Body (Tan)
•Hair color: 
•She has beautifully painted newborn lips. 
•She was painted with Genesis heat set paints and sealed with a matte varnish.
•She has beautiful realistic nail coloring & tips
•She has magnetic pacifier which can be removed only upon request.

Baby will come home with:
- Several Adorable Baby outfits and sleepers.
- 2 Honest diapers & 1 Custom diaper with my nursery name on it.
-1 magnetic pacifier of my choice

-1 Plush Toy or Lovi
-1 Plush Blanket
- A B