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Prototype Charlotte 11 Months By Laura Lee Eagles Is Available Now for Early Adoption!

I have decided to list Charlotte for early adoption as I know several of you have inquired about her sale. 


I am currently working on Charlotte's final details and shopping for her wardrobe. I expect to have everything complete and ready to ship by November 10th. I will post several more pictures of the completed baby as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you are interested in her, feel free to adopt her now and she will be yours upon completion. 


Baby Charlotte will arrive home with the following:

  • A custom pre-filled Photobook with pictures from her photo shoot.
  • A custom mongrammed Comb and Brush Set.
  • A Monogram Outfit with her name on it as "Charlotte" (Unless Mommy Changes the name and let's me know immediately upon adoption). 
  • 2 additonal outfits,
  • A pair of shoes,
  • Hair bow,
  • Baby bottle,
  • 2 diapers,
  • A magnetic pacifier
  • A stuffed Toy or Lovi
  • A plush or decorative blanket

Prototype Charlotte 11 Months By Laura Lee Eagles

SKU: 0092
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