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Meet Lilliana by Emily Jameson | Painted By Lena Smith




She is a cuddle baby made from the Lilliana kit by Emily Jameson (head only!) and she has a cloth posable cuddle body with 1/4 limbs from Adrie Stoete...

she has armatures (in both arms & legs) so she can be posed in endless positions. (The last picture is not my work “credit goes to Silvia Of Silvia’s creations) but the picture is shown to demonstrate what her body looks like and how she can be posed.


***Please Note/Full Disclosure!:  I have this baby listed at a discounted price so she can find a quick home. The baby has some minor issues with her paint job (which I have pointed out in her pictures) Hence the reason she sat on the shelf unbothered for so long.


Her paint job in her inner ears are somewhat discolored and on her left temple near her hairline there is redness like a baby blemish or stork bite. Lastly she has some tiny light spotting on her forehead. To the un-trained non-artist eye, it would appear that I painted the baby to have redness or discoloring in these areas on purpose. However, to my artistic eye, these are paint issues where the paint just did not adhear properly to the vinyl. Since I do not deem her paint job to be flawless, and I don't have time to fix these minor issues, I am selling her as-is at a discounted price.  I think she would be perfect for someone looking to get a budget doll or a child their first "Cuddle Baby" or "Reborn Doll". She’s a combination of both without the luxury price 💗 Please rest assure, she is still adorable, with beautiful rooting and she is very pleasing to the eye and a joy to cuddle!


Baby's Details are as follows:

This is a Biracial Newborn size baby with olive tan skin-tones!

Date of Birth: November 8th, 2019

Time: 8:35 PM

Weight: 5lbs 0oz

Length/Size: 20" inches

Head Circumference - " Unknown

she has realistic rooted baby brown colored hair

She has newborn mottling, veining, newborn pink blushing, glossed nostrils.

She has a fulll cloth cuddle body but she does have 1/4 arms and legs. All of her limbs have wire armetures inside for endless posing.

This babys body has been filled with extra soft pollyfill and crushed glassed beads.

The baby wears newborn size clothing and is very cuddly.

The baby's head has also been weighted and wobbles like a real newborn baby. Baby's head will need support when held.

Her head has neck ring for easy turning and posing.

She has painted eyebrows.

She has barely there eyelashes.

He has a magnet in his mouth for magnetic pacifier (pacifier included).

The Vinyl has been properly sealed with several layers of Genesis heat set matte varnish to protect the paint.


Babies Go Home with a Basic Level Box Opening!

1 Pink Layette outfit (as seen in her photos) that she will arrive home in 

1 Sleeper outfit

1 Honest diaper & 1 of My custom Nursery Diapers

A Magnetic Pacifier

A Soft Plush Blanket (of my choice)

A Birth Certificate from my nursery

*Comes with the original Certificate Of Authenticity (COA) (*if available)


*** Please Note: All purchases are subject to your States Sales Tax Rates and USPS Shipping Rates.***

Lilliana by Emily Jameson

SKU: 0056
  • TERMS:

    Please Be Aware That All Purchases are Subject to Sales Tax According to your States Sales Tax Rate. **All International Purchases are taxed at 7% sales tax.
    All Sales are finaI! I do NOT provide a warranty against Buyer's remorse! I will be sure to carefully package your baby for her protection and safety during delivery to you. All shipping claims would be filed directly through USPS under the shipping insurance policies. I do NOT offer refunds for any reason. Please read carefully and inspect each and every photo before deciding to PURCHASE this baby.  I am not a professional photographer, however ALL PHOTOS were taken in a full spectrum of natural lighting in both daylight and evening (with and without a flash) to portray as close to how the doll appears in person. 

  • Shipping Worldwide
    *USPS Priority Mail
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    * Signature confirmation will be required (please watch the tracking details so you can receive your package in a safe and timely manner).

    *Please be aware: I do not ship babies in USPS flatrate shipping boxes (no exceptions). My babies are shipped in company brand boxes with my logo and are accompanied by several outfits and additional goodies. Each box is measured and weighed according to the baby's size and shipping is automatically calculated accordingly. I do not give special discounts on shipping. 

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