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Cuddle Baby Boy - Made from the Bailey Head by Natalie Scholl with a full cloth body 
Babies Details Are As Following:
Born - 3/7/20
Length/Size: 19” inches
Head Circumference 13" inches
Weight:5lbs 3oz

Body: Full Cloth (no vinyl limbs at all, the baby's entire body is made of cloth

Eyes: closed

Hair: Painted hair in the color dark brown. Painted to resemble a baby fine density

Additional Markings: lots of newborn skin features like redness, malia and blotchiness of the skin as a real newborn baby would have.

The baby's head was painted with Genesis Heat set Paints and sealed with a matte varnish for longevity.

The baby has been weighted to feel like a real baby and has a weighted head that also wobbles. 

Pacifer: Baby has a magnetic pacifer so this mean there is a magnet inside of the baby head. Please be careful around electronics and pacemakers!!!



Baby will travel home with

- Outfit shown in his photo

- 2 additional 1 piece sleep and play outfits

- Socks & Scratch Mittens

- Magnetic Pacifier

- 1 5x7 Photo Of Baby

- 1 Plush Blanket 

- 1 Lovey or Plush Toy/bear

- A reborn Birth certificate from my nursery

- A COA (Certificate of Authenticity) from the original sculptor (*If Available)


*** Please Be AwareAll sales are final, so please inspect all photos before purchasing this doll. Sales Tax and Shipping are calculated for each transaction at checkout. *** Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping. If an upgraded box opening is purchased for any doll please allow 10-15 business days for shipping. 


- Thanks For Looking!- 


Cuddle Baby Bailey By Natalie Scholl

SKU: 0083
  • TERMS:
    I do NOT provide a warranty against Buyer's remorse! I will be sure to carefully package your baby for her protection and safety during delivery to you. All shipping claims would be filed directly through USPS under the shipping insurance policies. I do NOT offer refunds for any reason. Please read carefully and inspect each and every photo before deciding to PURCHASE this baby.  I am not a professional photographer. ALL PHOTOS were taken in a full spectrum of natural lighting in both daylight and evening and indoors and outdoors to portray as close to how the doll appears in person. 

  • Shipping Worldwide
    *USPS Priority Mail
    *Tracking number
    * Signature confirmation will be required (please watch the tracking details so you can receive your package in a safe and timely manner).

    *I do not ship family and friends and all international customers are responsible for any additional custom fees and taxes charged by your country. 

    *Please be aware: I do not ship babies in USPS flatrate shipping boxes (no exceptions). My babies are shipped in company brand boxes with my logo and are accompanied by several outfits and additional goodies. Each box is measured and weighed according to the baby's size and shipping is automatically calculated accordingly. I do not give special discounts on shipping. 

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